Choosing which computer to buy can be a difficult decision because of the many models, types and brands available in the market currently. Almost everyone has seen strong advertising strategies of Apple and Microsoft, and the choice between Mac and PC can be difficult. While PCs have been the most popular type of computer since its invention, the Mac is gaining popularity in the competition . There are many advantages and disadvantages to having a Mac

Because the computer is the most commonly used PC, most viruses are focused on her. One of the strengths of Mac is that it is safer to attack compared to its competition . However, while gaining popularity and more people use it, more likely to be malicious viruses designed to attack Mac OS.

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There is a reason why Mac computers are used in the most creative environments have a higher sound quality and graphics than the PC, and are sometimes known as “computers work.” Apple is also the creator of many popular products like iTunes, iPods, iPhones and iBooks, and is more suitable to use with Mac computers because the technology used to create and use these products is also built into the Mac OS X.
Mac software is created by the same people who designed the computer and the system, rather than third-party vendors as with the PC. This results in a smoother and faster to load for people who have to work fast times.

Mac upgrades are expensive and sometimes cheaper to buy a new computer to pay for upgrades. Also, Macs usually only work well with Apple products. For example, PC users can purchase an external webcam a competitive price in any store technology while Mac users have to buy a specific webcam that works with OS X. The same applies to mice and accessories.

Because the PC is the most common computer, many web sites and software products are based on the Windows platform. Some Mac users can not access important information or play games unless you install a Windows program for Mac, which are much slower than programs for OS X.

Many people think of the Mac as “attractive” computers because of their neat designs and hipsters followers. This status comes with a price and early most Mac laptops starting at U.S. $ 1000 to pay $ 500 for a portable PC.