Copilot Pro shows slowness a week after launch, users report

Promoted as a faster and more efficient alternative, Copilot Pro is showing slowness, according to subscriber reports. Announced last week, Microsoft's paid alternative to artificial intelligence (AI) assistant has problems even with GPT-4 Turbo activated.

Complaints related to the chatbot accumulated on X (formerly Twitter) days after the chatbot's launch. The subscription promised priority and quick responses even during peak access times.

“Copilot Pro is very slow now and I don't know why,” the user reported in a post. “Maybe it's producing less than one token per second. It was pretty fast in the morning,” he added.

Copilot Pro problem may be in the browser

Apparently the problem is with the browser, and not with Microsoft's servers. At X, Microsoft's director of advertising and web services, Mikhail Parakhin, stated that MS server activity was normal and that the problem was with the client.

According to him, it is possible that the slowness is caused by Microsoft Edge. Browser efficiency mode may reduce program performance to save battery power.

In another post, the executive recommended that subscribers deactivate the feature while using the chatbot. The option is located in the “Browser Basics” section in the three-dot menu.

In the same thread, another subscriber reported still having performance issues on Copilot Pro even with efficiency mode turned off. According to him, there is a memory leak problem that may be impacting the chatbot's performance within Microsoft Edge.

Copilot Pro is only available on PC

In another publication, Parakhin reinforced that Copilot Pro is available exclusively on Microsoft Edge for computers. The improved chatbot cannot be accessed on Android or iOS for now, as the company is still developing the update with the new feature.

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