As a business owner, one of the most important investments you should make in order to keep your company’s data secure is the installation and upkeep of server hardware. If you only have a small business, chances are you couldn’t afford the upfront and maintenance costs that come with having your very own server. For this reason, you are better off paying a monthly fee to server hosting services. This way, you don’t have to worry about all the costs associated with maintaining the best servers and paying a full IT staff to ensure its ongoing functioning.


Server Hosting Services – Managed Hosting

Managed hosting involves leasing server resources to be used onsite. The web hosting company delivers the server hardware and installs it. You are granted complete control over all the hardware resources, software and operating system. In case the server experiences any issues, the server hosting services takes care of troubleshooting and maintenance services. You can benefit from this type of hosting service by eliminating the need to hire personnel for the maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

It is worthy to note that managed hosting can be expensive for most small business owners. It requires quite a significant monthly investment as the hardware must be leased monthly and you would have to pay additional fees for maintaining the entire infrastructure. However, this can still be a great option for those who do not need to hire an in-house IT staff just for server management.

Dedicated Server

If you don’t need to have a server onsite, you can choose to lease a dedicated server for a given monthly rate. Many consider these to be the best servers available as the biggest advantage of using a dedicated server is that you get to use all of the server’s resources. You wouldn’t have to worry about other clients sharing the server’s resources with you, thus allowing for an extreme amount of customizability and flexibility.

When choosing a dedicated server, you get to select the hardware specifications and the operating system you want to use. Some server hosting services can even allow you to install your own server at their location. This is known as co-location service. A dedicated server gives you an enormous hard disk space, memory and bandwidth. This is the perfect option if your website receives huge volumes of traffic each month.

Virtual Private Servers

A single physical server can be divided into multiple virtual Private servers (VPS). What’s great about using a VPS is that you get to enjoy a very similar performance to that provided by a dedicated server. Even if there are a multitude of different virtual environments, you only utilize your specific server’s resources. There is no need to worry about competing with other clients for resource allocation, so you might see these as the best servers for your needs.

Compared to a dedicated server, a VPS costs significantly lower. This is an ideal solution if your website receives quite a bit of traffic but do not need the resources of an entire physical server.

In most cases, using server hosting services is a much better option than installing and maintaining a physical server onsite. Be sure to consider the different types of web hosting services and select the best servers for your business needs.