Don't neglect your router: things you don't do and should

Take proper care of the router, It's fundamental. It is necessary that you take into account some things that, perhaps, you do not usually keep in mind. The normal thing is to change the Wi-Fi password, for example, but we overlook things that will also allow the device to function correctly, be protected and not have problems when you go to connect other devices. We are going to talk to you about this in this article, where we will give you some advice.

It doesn't matter if you have a new router or it's an old model. It also does not matter if it is the device that the operator gave you or you have bought a new one. In all cases, it is essential that you maintain good functioning and be ready so that you can connect devices at home and there are no problems.

Take good care of your router

There are some recommendations that will help you make it work better, with greater speed or avoid cuts. Others, however, will be more focused on improving security and preventing your device from being attacked without you realizing it and that will also affect any other device you connect to the network.

Change the access password to the router

Something you should do is change the router access password. Yes, we usually focus on the Wi-Fi key, but you should also change this password. This is what allows you to access the device's configuration, change parameters and other settings that may be essential for operation.

As we always say, that key must be complex. Don't set weak passwords that are easy to guess. It is essential that you have a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. That will keep hackers away and you will avoid problems.

Have the firmware updated

You should also make sure that you always have the updated firmware correctly. This is essential for it to work well and avoid problems. Sometimes we just leave the version that comes with the device and never check for updates again. It is a mistake and you should take it into account.

In addition, it is important to correct vulnerabilities and thus avoid attacks. They could exploit these flaws to take over your device and take control of the network. Therefore, always check how you can update the router, since it depends on the model, and always have the latest official version available. One of the uses of the router's USB may be to update it.

Gesture on the router to avoid problems

Choose another Wi-Fi channel

This is key to having a good wireless connection. Using a saturated channel can mean that the network starts to go bad or that you may not even be able to connect more devices. It could happen that your neighbors use that same channel or one nearby and there is interference, so you should choose another one that is more free.

It's good for you to see if you have a Wi-Fi channel fixed and change it if you see that it is necessary. There are applications to see which one is best in your case and thus act correctly to achieve the best possible connection.

Configure QoS

Many routers have the option to configure QoS. It is a feature that allows prioritize traffic, so you can assign a better connection to certain devices you are going to use. Since the available bandwidth is limited, you can always have a portion for a specific computer that requires good speed.

For example, maybe you want to watch streaming content without interruptions on television. You're going to need a good connection. If you connect computers and other devices at the same time, bandwidth may be limited. By giving traffic priority, you will always have a quality connection to play streaming videos.

Unplug things you don't use

Another thing that we tend to overlook is disconnecting what we don't need. You may have many devices connected to the router, but you hardly ever use them. Especially, due to the rise of home automation, it is more common to have more devices always connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Ideally, you have the as few devices as possible connected to the router. Even if you are not using them continuously, the greater the number of devices connected, the more problems there may be with the connection.

Therefore, if you follow these tips you can make your router work perfectly. The objective is to ensure that the speed is good, as well as to avoid stability problems and other failures that affect the equipment you connect to the network.

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