Don't turn on your heating in the morning without first doing this

Correctly use the heating, and at the right time, it is essential to save money and not overpay on your bills. Therefore, we are going to tell you something that you should do in the morning, before turning on the heating. The idea is that you better manage the temperature of the home and avoid consuming more resources than you should. Sometimes, just by making small changes in habits, we can achieve a considerable savings.

What we are going to explain, you can apply at any time and regardless of your heating. However, there may be differences depending on where you live and, basically, the temperature outside. Also about your daily habits, as you will be able to see below.

Ventilate your house before turning on the heating

This advice consists of ventilate the house before you turn on the heating. It's something you should do every day, but many people do it incorrectly. When you wake up, it is normal that you have turned off the heating the night before and the temperature has dropped. Before turning on the heating, you could ventilate the house and then turn it on so that it maintains the temperature well.

Furthermore, this makes even more sense if you are going to go to work outside or be away from home for a few hours. Before leaving, what you are going to do is open the windows and ventilate the house. You don't care that, temporarily, the house gets colder since you're not going to be home. When you return, you will then turn on the heating.

Therefore, the objective is that you ventilate the house when appropriate. Do not open the windows after turning on the heating, as you will later have to open it again. heat the house and that will mean extra consumption. Always do it before, first thing in the morning, when the house is colder.

Now, be careful not to ventilate more than necessary or when it is not appropriate. If the home still has residual heat from the previous day, and it is too cold outside, try to avoid opening the window. Do it later, when you return from work or when the temperature outside has increased. Of course, always before turning on the heating.

Set the correct temperature

Besides, adjust the temperature well housing is going to be key. Every additional degree counts. You don't need to have the house at a high temperature in winter, since it is enough for it to be at 19-20 degrees if you want to save. Raising the thermostat one degree can make you spend about 7% more.

A good idea is to use a smart thermostat. You will be able to control the heating remotely, in addition to adjusting the temperature that interests you at all times. This will help you avoid overconsuming and you will be able to pay less on your bill each month, without giving up maintaining a good temperature.

In short, ventilating the home at the correct time, before turning on the heating, will help you save. It is important to avoid wasting energy, as it will cause you to have to pay significantly more each month. Having good thermal insulation will also be of great help.

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