End of January offer at Cdkeysales: Windows 10 Pro for only €14

If you have taken advantage of the January sales to buy a new desktop or laptop computer, we are sure that you have noticed that there are many PCs that are sold without the Windows operating system. This allows us to save about €100 compared to the same equipment, but with the Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro operating system, depending on the range of equipment you are going to buy. In stores like Cdkeysales.com, you can buy cheap, completely legal Windows and Office licenses to activate your operating system without problems. Do you want to discover what offers we have today at Cdkeysales?

Thanks to the cheap OEM licenses that we have in these stores, we can activate our operating system over the Internet in a very easy and fast way. Taking into account that these licenses cost between €10 and €20 approximately, it is clear that it is worth it to save up to €80 on the purchase of a desktop or laptop computer, perfect for dedicating this money to improving the PC hardware such as expanding SSD storage.

End of January offers

Cdkeysales has offered different Microsoft licenses, both the Microsoft Windows operating system and the popular Office suite in different versions. A very important aspect is that not only will we have a really reduced discount compared to the usual price in the Microsoft online store, but if you use the discount coupon RD35 you can have an additional 35% discount.

If you are interested in an Office license, either the 2019 version or the 2016 version, you can also get a fairly significant discount, since you can buy the Office 2019 version for less than €40. Below, you have all the prices with the RD35 coupon already applied:

If you want to buy a pack of Windows 10 Pro and Office licenses, either the 2016 version or the 2019 version, you can buy it at a lower price. Below, you can see the prices by applying the RD35 discount coupon to have an additional discount:

Other software available are Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio, you can use the RD35 coupon to further reduce the price:

Thanks to these offers, we will save a lot of money when purchasing Microsoft OEM licenses, both for the Windows operating system and the Office office suite. Remember to apply the RD35 coupon to have a better price.

How to purchase and activate the operating system

Buying an OEM license for the Microsoft Windows operating system is very simple, the first thing you must do is register with a valid email, since you will have to confirm said email later. Once you have registered, you must log in to the website, click on any of the products that we have indicated before, and click on the «BUY» to add it to the shopping cart.

In the section of “Order confirmation» is where you should put the coupon «RD35» and click on «Request«. It is essential that you click on the “Request” button, otherwise the 35% discount will not be applied to you, keep this in mind. As for the payment method, you can do it very quickly with PayPal, in fact, we can use PayPal as a payment gateway, even if you really pay with a debit or credit card.

When you have purchased the license, you must go to the website profile menu, and in the “My purchases” section you will see that it says “Keys / Codes«, where the license you just purchased will appear. The code you must enter is precisely this code that appears here.

To activate the Windows operating system, you simply have to go to «Home / Settings / Update and security«, then in the «Activation«, and later you must click on the hyperlink to activate the operating system, since you will have an activation wizard. Of course, this process is done very quickly over the Internet, perfect for making the task easier for us.

As you have seen, purchasing an OEM license from Microsoft is very simple, and activating the Windows operating system is also really easy. If you have any problems you can connect with Cdkeysales technical support where they will help you with the process.

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