EnGenius Launches EXT1105P Extender Managed Switch with EnGenius Cloud

The manufacturer of wired and wireless networks, EnGenius, has today launched a really interesting new manageable switch. The model EnGenius EXT1105P It is a managed switch that extends the wired network, this means that it will connect directly to a PoE manageable switch to power it, and will subsequently be able to provide PoE power and data to four other devices simultaneously. To facilitate the configuration of the equipment, all the VLAN configuration that we have on the main PoE switch will be copied to this model to facilitate configuration and start-up. Do you want to know all the features of this extension manageable switch?

EnGenius launches a series of extender switches managed directly from the cloud, with the aim of simplifying the extension of the professional local network and improving connectivity. In addition, thanks to this equipment, we will save a lot of money in wiring and labor for carrying out said wiring. This model is perfect for student accommodation, offices, hotels, residences, etc. Regardless of the type of industry, expanding wired networks poses several challenges:

  • Physical distance: In many cases, large physical distances have to be covered, which requires developing specific solutions.
  • Costs: In many cases, it can have a prohibitive cost in terms of wiring and labor.
  • Power availability: Thanks to PoE, we can power both the extendable switch and the rest of the equipment that we connect to it.
  • Implementation complexity: Somewhat complex configurations may have to be made, but thanks to management from the cloud this task is greatly facilitated.

Thanks to this new switch, all these problems can be addressed in a simple way.

Main features

This manageable switch EnGenius EXT1105P has a total of five Gigabit Ethernet ports for the LAN. He Gigabit Ethernet LAN1 port is PoE inputThis means that we can power the switch directly through this Gigabit Ethernet port, which will be the one you will connect to the main PoE switch. In addition, this port supports the 802.3af/at/bt standards (allows up to 90W of input power) . The four Gigabit Ethernet ports LAN2, LAN3, LAN4 and LAN5 are PoE+ ports with 802.3af/at standardso they are capable of providing up to 30W per port.

Depending on the PoE power that the switch has, we can provide a higher or lower PoE Budget, or maximum power with all ports working:

  • If we power the switch with 90W PoE++, we can have up to 60W of PoE Budget.
  • If we power the switch with 60W PoE++, we can provide up to 30W of PoE Budget.
  • If we power the switch with 30W PoE+, we can provide up to 15W of PoE Budget at most.

This equipment has a switching capacity of 10Gbps, a FLASH memory of 32MB capacity, a MAC address table of up to 8K in size, allows Jumbo Frames up to 10K in size, we can configure up to 8 multicast groups, up to 8 QoS priority queues and also has CoS/802.1p and DSCP to prioritize network traffic.

EnGenius EXT1105P extendable managed switch in detail

As for the software of this extender manageable switch, it is managed from the EnGenius Cloud in a centralized manner with the rest of the manufacturer's manageable switches, APs and gateways. This model has the usual main options, such as support for VLANs with the 802.1Q standard, we also have voice VLAN, port-based VLAN, IGMP Snooping, statistics of all ports, Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol with 802.1w, and also It has discovery protocols such as LLDP, SNTP and a complete log of everything that happens on the switch.

A very important aspect is that in order to manage this extender manageable switch it is necessary to have an EnGenius Cloud PRO license, otherwise we will not be able to use it.

Examples of use

A very common use that we can give to this switch is to use it for an office where we have different IP phones connected, and that is that we can take an Ethernet network cable from the main switch, power this switch with PoE+, and later provide service to the different IP phones that we have on the network, in this way, we will save a lot of wiring. These manageable extender switches are still a switch at the access layer, where the end devices will be connected.

Example of using the EnGenius EXT1105P switch in an office

Another very common use may be to cover the video surveillance and WiFi needs of a small business. For example, we can power the extendable manageable switch with PoE++, either 60W or 90W, to later power an IP video surveillance camera and also an indoor WiFi access point with this equipment. Logically, the configuration of the IP camera will be in the video surveillance VLAN, and in the AP we will put a “trunk” with all the tagged VLANs that we want. Additionally, if we connect another extendable switch like the EXT1106 that does not have PoE, we can provide data to a PC and a printer, among other devices.

Example of using the EnGenius EXT1105P managed switch in a company

Thanks to these extendable managed switches from EnGenius, which integrate perfectly into EnGenius Cloud, we will be able to extend the wired network in a very fast and efficient way, without having to incur high costs for network cabling. Furthermore, the best thing about this solution is the ease of configuring the equipment through the manufacturer's cloud.

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