Everyone But You: discover romantic comedy trending on social media

Hot new thing in the area! The film Everyone But You (Anyone But You, in the original), which made its official debut in the United States in December 2023, is about to arrive in Brazil. The release of the work on Brazilian soil is scheduled for this Thursday (25), and promises to be a lot of fun for viewers who venture into the romantic comedy, directed by Will Gluck (Colorful friendship).

With a script written by Gluck himself, alongside Ilana Wolpert, Everyone But You bets on a relatively simple but very captivating plot to win over romance fans. The romantic comedy features emotional, hot and funny scenes, along the lines of the best feature films of the genre. Furthermore, it features two major Hollywood stars in its main cast.

Below, find out everything about Everyone But You and about how the film has attracted a lot of attention on social media!

Everyone But You: trailer, plot and cast

In Everyone But You“Bea and Ben seem like the perfect couple, but after an incredible first date, something happens that cools their attraction. Until they are unexpectedly thrown together at a wedding in Australia.”

Effectively, the production explores the complicated dynamics of an unlikely couple, who even like each other at first sight, but who find themselves in uncomfortable and challenging situations throughout the narrative. However, all of this only helps them realize something crucial: chemistry is something undeniable.

The main couple of Everyone But You is composed of actress Sydney Sweeney, from the series Euphoria It is The White Lotusand Glen Powell, from Top Gun: Maverick It is The Expendables 3. Alongside them in the work's cast are names like Alexandra Shipp, Nat Buchanan, Josh Bonello, Hadley Robinson, Dermot Mulroney, Rachel Griffiths and Charlee Fraser.

Everyone But Are You Good? See film notes

So far, the prediction is that Everyone But You achieve between US$85 million and US$100 million at the box office. Considering that the film had a budget of around $25 million, this would be quite a victory for the production and for Sony Pictures. However, the work has received mixed reactions from specialized critics and the public.

On the IMDb website, for example, Everyone But You it has 6.6 stars out of 10 (based on 12 thousand reviews). On Rotten Tomatoes, the film won 87% of the general audience, but only 51% of critics.

Success on TikTok

Still, the film has been gaining more and more popularity, especially due to TikTok. We explain: the final scene of the film ended up going viral on the social video network as it featured the attraction's characters singing and dancing to the song “Unwritten”, from 2004, by artist Natasha Bedingfield. As a result, several TikTokers have filmed themselves re-enacting the loud sequence. spirit, partying with the cast of the romantic comedy.

@nycnewgirl Anyone But You, the feel good rom com we've been waiting for reviving the iconic unwritten song is an amazing start to 2024 Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

But will this trend be able to take Everyone But You farther away? We'll see! Remembering that the project debuts in Brazil on January 25th, next Thursday.

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