Facial biometrics help with entry into stadiums and even arrest fugitives

The São Paulo police arrested a man last Wednesday (24) accused of transporting cocaine on a plane through the Mato Grosso region. He had been on the run since March 2020, but was identified by a technological system implemented in a football stadium.

Facial recognition of fans Those who go to the arenas to see their favorite team have a simple operation. Nonetheless, it should become common in the lives of those who attend stadiums.

This feature is not only convenient for fans, who access the space in seconds without presenting any document. It even serves as security, helping authorities find suspects.

How facial biometrics work in stadiums

Sports arenas that use this type of technology replace the paper ticket or even reading a QR Code by another process.

Fans who purchased tickets in advance and are registered in the club's system in advance you just need to go through a turnstile at the entrance.

On the display, just position your face on a display for a fraction of a second and wait for the system to respond. If the image registered by the person who purchased the ticket matches the face read by the sensor, access is granted.

This system prevents, for example, other people from entering the stadium using your ticket and reduces the action of scalpers. Furthermore, the method speeds up public input.

Entry is fully automatic and does not require presentation of documents on the spot.Entry is fully automatic and does not require presentation of documents on the spot.Source: Bepass

Clubs such as Palmeiras, Athletico, Atlético-MG, Sport and Vasco are already using or testing this technology. Other teams in Series A and B of the Brazilian Championship follow the trend.

Facial recognition at the service of security

Facial biometrics also have an additional function in stadiums. In services like Palmeiras, made by the company Bepass, the platform is connected to a database from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Face ID is already widely used to unlock a cell phone screen, for example.Face ID is already widely used to unlock a cell phone screen, for example.Source: GettyImages

Each time a ticket is purchased and linked to a registration, the service crosses data with public bodies. The platform identifies whether the fan has outstanding arrest warrants or police reports and has an active CPF, for example.

According to Globe Sportsonly at Allianz Parque, Palmeiras stadium, 48 people with pending legal matters have already been identified. Of these, 39 were arrested at the entrance service.

With this technology being implemented in more and more environments, however, debates about its risks also arise. Facial biometrics it can lead to false positives and is extremely sensitive data that can be leaked or stolen, for example.

Still, the benefits are many and the service tends to become popular quickly in stadiums. The General Sports Law will require stadiums with capacity for more than 20 thousand people to adopt this technology from 2025which means that your favorite team can soon join the resource.

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