A new attack shakes the foundations of Google and its Android operating system. This time, the PCs have been spared the attack. Now it is the turn of our mobile phone. The name of the virus is Copy Cat. The numbers of terminals that have already been infected amounts to a figure to take into account no less than 14 million devices.

fake app infects

Asia has been the continent most affected by the CopyCat virus attack. It is followed by the United States with more than 280,000 infected units. The new Google Play Protect security suite has just been updated to deal with the CopyyCat virus but, as we say, millions of users already have third-party applications with malware that can carry malicious attacks such as card data thefts. Even though it is an application, Google says there’s no way it could leave the Google Play store.

If you wonder how CopyCat works, tell it that it lives up to its name. The virus replicates very popular applications in the Google Play store. Sim already has more than 50 million downloads. Once installed, thanks to the permissions, is done with the phone. It then downloads an executable that applies administrator permissions. At that time, the phone is yours.

In addition, thereafter, Copycat replaces the application ID with its own. Each ad that appears in the applications is revenue that goes directly to the hacker’s coffers. It is estimated that almost 5 million applications already work through the Copy Cat ID. This means income in just two months of one and a half million dollars.

Curious has been the case of China: the virus, before attacking, checked if the terminal was Chinese. If he came from the Asian country, he was not attacked. Security firm Check Point has said that this is because cybercriminals are in all likelihood of Chinese origin. In this way, they would be avoiding that the investigators of their country were putting hands to the work to give them hunting.

These researchers are already beginning to close the matter and relate the Copy Cat virus to the Chinese company Mobi Summer. The coincidences happen. The virus and the company carry out their operations from the same server and Mobi Summer has signed several lines of virus code. Both even use the same remote services.

How to avoid viruses on android

The Android users most exposed to the attack of Copycat are those that have operating system Android 5.0 or earlier. The tips to avoid this type of virus are basic and we should all have them burned to fire. Do not install any applications that come from outside Google Play or any trusted repository like Apkmirror. Always update your phone to the latest security patches offered by the brands. Do not open any files that you send us without having requested it. Even less if, they are from unknown senders.