Just because a hosting or backup file service says they use cloud storage, this doesn’t mean that you should automatically put your trust in them. There are certain features and includes to be on the lookout for when using cloud storage solutions, and in this article we’re going to be taking a look at some of them and explaining them in finer detail. Let’s begin!

1. File Archiving

This feature allows administrators and workers to keep a remote copy of older file versions on hand so they can be reused if necessary. It doesn’t matter how many revisions a file goes through, as the cloud will keep a remote copy of each new file revision in its own separate file.

2. File Encryption And Data Security

Using SSL and 256-bit AES encryption technology, a proper cloud should be able to keep your data away from prying eyes. Both before, after, and during transmission, the data can remain encrypted and inaccessible to hackers and thieves.

3. Administration And Worker Cloud Permissions

Being able to successfully work together with your co-workers means that certain restrictions and access allowances be given to certain individuals. This ensures that no one accidentally makes a typo or mistake keystroke and ruins a project. With protections and access allowances in place, the workplace will be a more trouble-free environment.

4. Mobile Apps And Remote Login Access

Being able to have access to your cloud server through a PC is one thing, but being able to accomplish the same goal with your smartphone is a step ahead. Not all cloud storage providers will allow remote access via a smartphone or tablet, so be sure to check ahead and see if this service is being offered with the host you’re considering.

5. File Sharing Between Multiple Users

Being able to share files and view instant changes to documents on the cloud is one of the best features available. Team collaboration is at an all time high, thanks to the design enhancements available through cloud computing technology.

And, because cloud storage is still just starting out, you can expect to see even more features released that will further enhance the cloud platform and everything it’s capable of. Developers are working around the clock to ensure the future of cloud computing stays bright and vibrant. Just make sure to do your background research on any cloud host you’re thinking of doing business with.