Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gets a free demo and insane new gameplay! Look

Sony presented a State of Play full of news at the end of January, concluding the show with the date of another conference — this time completely focused on the next big PS5 exclusive. The event of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was broadcast this Tuesday (6), bringing intense new gameplay and confirmation of a free demo on PlayStation Store — as the leaks pointed out.

The presentation lasted around 11 minutes, which was enough time for Square Enix to further stoke the hype of those looking forward to the sequel. The video showed intense combat scenes with all the main characters who escaped from Midgard in the first game: Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Yufie and Red XIII — and, of course, it also gave a lot of screen time to the iconic Sephirot. Check out:

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