Finally? iPhone 16 may have battery upgrade in some versions, rumor suggests

The iPhone 16 may have changes in battery capacity. Curiously, some of the versions would have larger energy tanks than those present in the series iPhone 15while one of the variants would undergo a reduction. The rumors were released this Wednesday (7) by the leaker known as Majin Bu, on X/Twitter.

According to the leaker, the standard variant of the next generation of the iPhone should be the one that will have the greatest variation in relation to the series launched in 2023. While the “basic” iPhone 15 has a 3,349 mAh battery, the iPhone 16 will come with a 3,561 mAh component, an increase of 6%.

Also supposedly having a more powerful battery is the iPhone 16 Pro Max, which will gain 5% more capacity, according to the report. From the current 4,422 mAh power tank of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the future launch should move to a 4,676 mAh option.

Still in relation to the more powerful variant, the leak suggests that Apple would be preparing changes to the battery design, leaving behind the “L” shape adopted in the 2023 series.

Instead, the Cupertino giant will opt for a component with a rectangular appearance on cell phones, which are scheduled to be launched in the second half of this year.

iPhone 16 Plus battery reduction

In turn, the Plus variant of the iPhone 16 should follow a path opposite to that of the other members of the series. Instead of increasing, the battery may decrease in relation to the size of the energy tank chosen by the manufacturer to equip the iPhone 15 Plus.

As Bu detailed, the iPhone 16 Plus will have a 4,006 mAh battery, while the iPhone 15 Plus model has 4,383 mAh, a 9% reduction. The reason for the supposed decrease in the size of the component is unclear, but the change does not necessarily mean less autonomy for the cell phone.

It is worth highlighting that the leaker did not disclose any information regarding the iPhone 16 Pro battery, another member of the future series. In the version currently sold, the component has a capacity of 3,274 mAh.

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