After updating the Android 6.0 operating system Motorola Moto G3 many phones have stopped working properly, failure round central button, unable to receive call and even not being able to format your smartphone. Here we explain gradually how to fix moto g3. This will erase all data stored in the internal memory of the phone; however, it will not affect the data on the SIM card or SD card. Please note that when using this feature, all will be deleted.

How to fix Moto G3

This includes all messages (SMS, MMS and email), contacts and third party applications downloaded to the terminal. Also included are all multimedia files (photos, music, videos) that are saved in the internal memory of the phone. For this reason, we recommend that you back up all your data and contacts before restoring the factory settings of the terminal.

If you have turned on your phone’s sync, Google contacts should be saved in your Gmail account. We advise you to check your Gmail to confirm that all your contacts are there. If your contacts are synchronized, automatically recover when it returns to add your Gmail account on your telephone. Ambient have the option, if you want to transfer your contacts to the SIM card. When the factory settings restore is complete, you can import your contacts again. To restore a minimum battery of 25% is required. If you cannot perform a reset, charge for 20-30 minutes and try again.

  • The device enumerate different boot options. Use the Volume Down key to scroll and power key to select.
  • Select Recovery. The device will turn on with the Motorola logo and an exclamation point
  • You an image appear Android mascot and the message No commands. Hold down the Power button and then press and release the Volume key up (this will open a menu).
  • The device displays the text in blue with black background. Use the Volume Down key to scroll and Power button to select the desired option.
  • In this case, scroll until Wipe data / Factory reset is selected and press the power button to confirm your selection.
  • Use the volume key again to select YES and press the power button to confirm. The device will begin the reset to factory defaults.