We contacted the Galaxy Note 5 to tell you our first impressions. In addition, we tested its camera against G4. The Galaxy Note 5 is one of the leading large mobile this year, both for its quality and manufacturing functions, and how popular the brand Note. We discussed their innovations and specifications after being presented, and now we take the IFA 2015 to try and comment on our feelings in hand, we will, however nice it look all the pictures is always better to have yourself to check its quality.

galaxy note 5

This is what we discussed in the video, where we talk about the quality of finishes, materials, infrared, the S-Pen (either plastic by the way) and if you feel comfortable.

Testing cameras: 5 Galaxy Note vs LG G4

But … as we are, we take this opportunity to probate your camera and make a quick comparison with the Note 4. leave small images as a guideline here, but in the big video can be seen better.

First we start with the front camera:

The results in this case vary a lot depending on the screen where the look. With both mobile screen, the picture taken with the G4 shows a somewhat more realistic colors, not as saturated as those in Note 5. Still, the cameras also applied by default some small filters, so it is also subject configuration.

Now for the Rear Camera:

Here, at least with mobile in hand, the quality of pictures from both mobile is spectacular but look a little more real also in the G4. This contrasts somewhat when seen in the video on the computer, where I find something better outcome Note 5. We’ll have time to try them with photos in large resolution and more detail. Do not miss more news we have of the IFA on our Youtube channel, and our special section on the web .