Galaxy S24 Ultra: users report failure that generates green line on the screen

Owners of the Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone, the most powerful model in Samsung's current cell phone line, went to Reddit to warn about a problem with the device. Apparently, some devices are displaying a green line unintentional on the screen.

This line is vertical and is positioned in the right corner of the display, even if the device undergoes a factory restoration. So far, there have been at least two cases recorded in the thread with photos, posted by users Ok_Marketing_6979 and Independent-Bet-4916.

One of the images showing the green line on the S24 Ultra.One of the images showing the green line on the S24 Ultra.Source: Reddit/Independent-Bet-4916

According to reports, the device did not suffer physical damage, such as being hit by furniture or falling from any height, for example. “I picked up my phone from the table and the screen has this true line. The device has never dropped or overheated”, reports one of the consumers.

The case of Ok_Marketing_6979 is even worse, as a white horizontal line at the top also appeared on the screen “even during startup”.

Another case of lines on the screen.Another case of lines on the screen.Source: Reddit/Ok_Marketing_6979

Having had the device for just six days, he says he activated Samsung Care+, which is the brand's device protection program, but was unsuccessful in getting a new device.

In addition to Reddit and telephone contact, he also opened a thread on the manufacturer's support forum, which remains without official responses.

Problem has not yet been commented on by the brand

So far, Samsung has not officially commented on the case. It seems, the vertical line affects a small number of Galaxy S24 Ultra unitsas not many reports have been published to date.

Still, those who have encountered the problem say that communication with support has not been positive: the operator and the manufacturer cannot reach a conclusion about who should send a replacement or spare device.

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