A new leaked photos show exposed how are the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge a few days of being submitted. Will the final design? Galaxy S6 is one of the latest smartphone in the world. Lets talk about this topics.

Just a few days ago and Samsung increasingly more “hype” of the presentation, but recently someone wants to anticipate surprise and leaked photos of the final design of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy.

They are leaks from XDA, where two users posted these pictures. Actually, the design showing I do not like too. Mobile have metal on the edge and build more premium, but the front and back are somewhat conventional. Yes, many expected it to be thinner, all-metal, but …

Galaxy S6

However, one who leaked the photos says he feels ” very, very solid , “something that can not be said of the previous Galaxy. But they also said some not so good things: Micro SD slot would not and would not be removable battery . A pity because these were attractive classic Samsung mobiles.

Another innovation would be that the fingerprint sensor would be improved and could detect only umbrellas supporting the finger, without drag. Any improvement is welcome.

Incidentally, one of the most interesting sections is that the “Galaxy S6 Edge” leaked on the photos seem to have screens on both sides instead of just one. Moreover, it is unclear how it will use these touch sides, since it seems that will function as a continuation of the main screen. Middle Wacky not?

But hey, you either like it will leave doubts the first of March in the previous conference Samsung at MWC 2015 . We also must remember that what we show are just rumors from sources not verifiable so take it with tweezers. Do not lose hope that Samsung surprised with the S6.