You know everything new that offers the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge? We’ll tell you instantly! It is confirmed! We have been waiting a long time, but finally the Galaxy S6 is presented. And do not do alone, but also show a Galaxy S6 Edge as rumors anticipated. Since the design is what you see something smarter, worked with a premium look than previous models did not have:

galaxy s6


Come in 3 colors, silver, black and gold, and is a mobile metal (mostly plastic bye!). According to Samsung, it is a very durable metal. We also discussed the new Touchwiz interface, which is much lighter and has no problem of any lag. Certainly has a touch more Lollipop. In theory, now all means faster and more text is used instead of icons. The edge also benefits because it shows information such as who is calling you. Also, in case you can not answer a call, you can simply swipe your finger across the fingerprint sensor rear (near the camera).


On the hardware mobile will be much more powerful, now with a 64 bit processor and faster memory. It uses a 5.1-inch qHD display with a pixel density, which also will look better in bright light. Autonomy is also improved, because the processor more efficient, and the battery faster than any other mobile load. Loads in 10 minutes to 4 hours of use, twice faster than a iPhone 6. The battery can be charged wirelessly, without having to buy other accessories. Although, for that, you must remember to load the wireless charger, so you will not save you if you’re forgetful.


S6 camera is outstanding. Especially highlighted in low light situations. It is 16 MP. Of course, compared to the iPhone 6 is on the agenda. To complete, the mobile can also be used for payments. Also discuss their characteristics for use in business, hand Samsung Knox.


It will come with a whole set of cases that can be purchased from classical case with window to some more discrete. In addition, a new version of virtual reality helmet “Gear VR” for the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched.