Games on Apple Vision Pro: see what the gaming experience is like on the headset

Although it is sold by Apple as a productivity and entertainment tool, without much focus on games, the Vision Pro headset is already being used to play some of the latest titles on the market. The first reviews of the device show that its ability to work with giant screens should attract many gamers around the world.

In a video published last Sunday (4), the YouTuber Winnsanity gave a small demonstration of what it's like to play using the device. According to him, There are three categories of titles available: the natives, still scarce; those adapted from iPad and iOS; and those that depend on streaming or screen mirroring to function.

The video shows that native Apple Vision Pro titles work well, depending on the physicality of the user and the availability of a good space to function. The device's sensors were praised, proving capable of following the movements of the player's arms even in more intense sessions.

Those made for the iPad and iOS appear in the form of a screen with an adaptable size and also support gesture controls. However, Winnasanity highlights that the best solution he found at the moment is use traditional controls when possible.

Apple Vision Pro brings gigantic screen for game fans

For those who like more modern games for PCs and consoles, the best alternative offered by the headset at the moment are streaming and spreading applications. Using tools like SteamLink, the YouTuber shows that it is possible to play recent titles like Palworld with high quality — including the use of a gigantic screen.

While PlayStation's Remote Play doesn't seem to work, on X (formerly Twitter) there are several demonstrations of the Apple Vision Pro being used to play titles such as God of War Ragnarök. In this case, the image transmission process has been done using the MirrorPlay application for the headset.

In general, the gaming experience offered by the product has been highly praised, although it may require some adaptations. Furthermore, there is a consensus that wireless controls are the best companions for anyone who intends to use the device for this purpose.

Currently exclusive to the United States, the Vision Pro costs US$3,499, or more than R$17,000 in a direct conversion.

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