The code IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a pre – recorded in each terminal code and its main function is to identify phones worldwide. In most cases, this code consists of 15 digits. It is important to know the code to make use of the various utilities you have. We will see how to know the IMEI code of your phone. In the last step, we explain how to know the IMEI of an iPhone.

Getting to know the IMEI code of my mobile

Find out what is the IMEI code of your mobile phone is simple. The first way is by the following combination of keys that we will make our phone: * # 06 # and we immediately be displayed figures of our IMEI code. Another way to know the IMEI code of your mobile handset is looking at the surface of the moving underneath the battery. So we must first remove the battery and look at the place where it was mobile to locate a series of stickers. We will read carefully to find the IMEI code.

Once we know the IMEI code of your mobile phone would be important to have it written down in a safe place. Where necessary that someone stole us the mobile may contact our telephone operator to lock and at least get mobile steal anything serve as sit idle for thieves.

Even more useful it is to use our IMEI code to unlock your mobile phone. They are usually telephone operators, which provide us the terminals, but these terminals are configured to work only with SIM cards that operator. Once you have finished the residence time stipulated in our contract we can do to provide us the way to release mobile. In those cases, we will ask the IMEI code of our terminal and already we can release.

If you cannot release your phone or what you are looking for is buy a new one, you can click on this link and find the best smatphones the best price, but also you can buy the best accessories. If you have an iPhone and want to know the IMEI in the picture, you can see the steps to follow, but follow these guidelines: It opens the screen “About” on your device, go to Settings – General and then About the home screen. Scroll down a bit and get to see the IMEI and serial number