VOIP means Voice over Protocol Internet, refers to making calls over the Internet instead of using a telephone company network. This is available for smartphones, equipped with Wi-Fi. Using VOIP in your cell phone is usually a matter of choice for the application that you would like to use and configure your phone. Then when you are in a Wi-Fi range, you can make calls , completely bypassing your common cellular network.

Getting VOIP cell phone services


1. Download on your smart phone you choose the VOIP application to the app store on your phone.

2. Open the VOIP application by tapping it on the home screen. Follow the instructions to set up an account with the application. If you want to call phones that do not have the same VOIP application, you must buy minutes of calls . If you want to receive calls from people who do not have the application, you will need a phone number for use with the application.3. Find other people in your VOIP network and add them to your application directory, following his instructions.

4. Make calls free calls to other users of the application by tapping their name in the phone directory. Make calls to non-users, hitting the dial button and dialing the numbers the same way you would in a normal call. The application will count the minutes of the call and deducted from your account.

Tips and Warnings

Because the calls are free VOIP are using the same application as the other, a little organization with the contacts you call frequently, you can save a lot of money. Find out what your contacts using VOIP application and install it, or talk to them to decide which application to use all.

You must have a Wi-Fi connection to make calls free with VOIP. Internet connections 3G and 4G go through your cell phone service, so you pay for the time of transmission of information, if you try to make calls with VOIP these connections.