Godzilla Minus One secures Oscar nomination with low budget and small crew

In December 2023, the titanic roar of the iconic Godzilla echoed not just in theaters, but in the hearts of moviegoers as Godzilla Minus One (Gojira -1.0) conquered the cinematographic world with a bold strategy: an apparently modest budget, but an impact that reverberated at the box office and at the world's main film awards.

Recently, Godzilla Minus Oneeven with its low production cost, achieved a Oscar 2024 nomination in the Best Visual Effects category, positively surprising the Academy and fans of the franchise centered on the gigantic Japanese monster. But, after all, how Godzilla Minus One got so much attention?

Below, find out more about Godzilla Minus One and about the film's “humble” budget, as well as its production process!

Godzilla Minus One: low-cost film arrives strong at the 2024 Oscars

The Japanese epic directed by Takashi Yamazaki became a noteworthy phenomenon, not only for the grandeur of its monsters, but for the remarkable frugality that permeated its production. With a budget estimated at just US$10 million, Godzilla Minus One challenges the notion that big screen bangers require an equally big pile of cash.

Godzilla Minus One earned a 2024 Oscar nomination.Godzilla Minus One earned a 2024 Oscar nomination.

While Hollywood often drowns in dollars to create imaginary worlds, the team behind Godzilla Minus One proved that creativity and efficiency can overcome financial obstacles. In a revealing conversation during the Academy's annual visual effects event, the team, made up of just 35 artists, revealed the behind-the-scenes of the production. With an astonishing total of 610 visual effects shots, the film not only rivaled major North American productions, but was also a masterclass in maximizing every penny.

Contrary to initial rumors of a budget of US$15 million, the film, according to Japanese reports, cost approximately US$10 million, a revelation that adds an extra touch to the successful saga. With an impressive return on investment of 10 times its initial cost at the box office, Godzilla Minus One is not only a coup for the production coffers, but a powerful affirmation of Japan's ability to tell visually engaging stories without breaking the bank.

Savings were not just limited to financing. Reports from director Yamazaki suggest that the team went further, adopting an innovative approach to production, cutting costs without compromising quality. Yamazaki himself revealed that the film cost even less than speculated, highlighting his team's dexterity in stretching every dollar to the limit.

The success of Godzilla Minus One is a testament to the passion and skill of the Japanese film industry. By defying expectations with a lean budget, the film not only won the hearts of fans, but also opened doors to the Oscars. Quite an achievement!

Godzilla Minus One has already had its run in Brazilian cinemas. In the coming months, the feature film should premiere digitally on rental platforms, such as Prime Video and Apple TV+.

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