Google Chrome gains new generative artificial intelligence features; get to know

Google announced on Tuesday (23) the arrival of three new generative artificial intelligence features in Chrome, which promise to make navigation easier, more efficient and personalized. The additions will be released in the Windows and Mac versions of the browser.

One of the tools is the smart browser tab organizer, which helps manage open tabs. It automatically suggests and creates groups of tabs based on the themes of those currently running, and can include names and emojis for each.

Generative AI organizes open tabs in Chrome.Generative AI organizes open tabs in Chrome.Source: Google/Disclosure

The function can be useful in times when you are working on several tasks simultaneously, such as planning your next vacation trip, shopping and researching references on a certain subject, for example. Just right-click on one of the open tabs and then “Organize similar tabs” to activate it.

With Google Chrome's new generative AI capabilities, users will also be able to quickly generate custom wallpapers, just give instructions for the technology by clicking “Create with AI” in the “Customize Chrome” side menu. This is the same functionality presented in Android 14 last year.

Generative AI writing assistant in Chrome

The third new feature that is coming to the Google browser is a writing assistant that helps internet users at different times. The tool can come into action when writing a review for a specific product or establishment, writing emails, posting in online forums, etc.

According to the Mountain View giant, just right-click on a text box on any website and select the “Help me write” option to activate the writing aid. Right away, type a few words and wait for the AI ​​to suggest words and phrases to complete the text.

The tool can help complete texts typed in the browser.The tool can help complete texts typed in the browser.Source: Google/Disclosure

To enable the three features, it is necessary to open the settings menu of the updated version of Chrome (M121), clicking on the three dots located in the top right corner of the page, and selecting “Experimental AI”. The new features are being launched first in the United Stateson an experimental basis.

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