Google Doodle celebrates the life of writer James Baldwin

The American writer and activist James Baldwin is honored by Google in this Thursday's Doodle (01). An illustration by the author appears on the home page of the company's search engine and application.

In the image, Balwdin appears in front of a table with books, a manuscript and a cup of coffee. By clicking on the illustration, you can find out more details about this important author.

His most important works include Giovanni's Room, Notes from a Native Son, Strange Land It is If Beale Street Could Talk, which was adapted for cinema in 2018. Several of them were translated and released in Brazil.

The day was not chosen by chance: on February 1, 1998, the posthumous collection of essays James Baldwin: Collected Essays came out in the USA and brought the author's works to a new generation.

Who was James Baldwin

Balwdin began publishing books in 1953, with Go Tell it on the Mountainand quickly established himself as a big name in American literature.

Aside from the themes of race and social class, he often dealt with sexuality and masculinity in the figures of his protagonists using an approach that was unusual in the period.

A portrait of James Baldwin.A portrait of James Baldwin.Source: Google

The writer also released collections of essays, poems and plays. The documentary I'm not your niggawhich talks about racism in the United States, is based on an unfinished manuscript by the author.

In addition to his literary works, Baldwin was a notable activist in the Civil Rights movement (Civil Rights) in the United States. Despite his political involvement, he also spent part of his life in Paris for his studies and is as admired in France as he is at home.

February is considered the Black History Month In the USA. On these days, figures from various sectors of society receive due recognition for their contributions to the country and segments such as culture, politics and society.

Some of Baldwin's works available in Brazil through the publisher Companhia das Letras.Some of Baldwin's works available in Brazil through the publisher Companhia das Letras.Source: Companhia das Letras

In addition, historical moments are also remembered, including issues such as social segregation and the period of slavery. Over the next few weeks, other tributes involving the date should be released by Google, including other Doodles with striking figures.

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