Google Maps now automatically illustrates restaurant menus

Google Maps will now automatically associate photos of food with restaurant menu items. The tool takes advantage of object recognition and description provided by users to compose a restaurant album.

The function disclosed by 9to5Google takes advantage of photos provided by the community itself to illustrate the menu of restaurants listed on Google Maps. The item is also associated with a brief description (provided by users or establishment owners) and price.

Community-sourced photos are now linked to restaurant menu items available on Google Maps.Community-sourced photos are now linked to restaurant menu items available on Google Maps.Source: 9to5Google/Reproduction

This is an interesting solution to provide more information about restaurants, bars, cafes and bakeries visible on Google Maps. With photos linked to the menu, the user can better choose the place they want to visit to have a meal.

The feature is mainly useful when traveling, or when looking for new places to hang out with friends and family.

According to Google, all information is collected from the community, but none of it is verified by Google. The public can also suggest edits (edit, point out errors, unavailability or report inappropriate content).

Gradual distribution

Google will probably release the new feature gradually to all users of the application. Naturally, like any feature that depends on public participation, not all restaurants should have the new feature available on the app.

As a user, you can help collaborate on a particular restaurant's information manually. This makes it easier for other users to search.

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