GOTY-nominated game gets free sequel on PC! Download now

In an exciting surprise for fans, the acclaimed game Heavenly has just received a free sequel for PC, titled Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain. Launched by Maddy Makes Gamesthis new chapter arrives to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the original title, bringing a new perspective with its 3D platform gameplay.

The launch of this game is a significant milestone, considering the resounding success of Heavenlywhich was nominated for the Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2018. The original's originality, emotional depth and platforming challenges won over a vast audience, solidifying its place in the hearts of gamers and in the history of the indie market.

Source: Maddy Makes Games

What is Celeste about?

Launched in 2018, it is a platform game and an emotional journey that explores themes such as anxiety and overcoming. Following the story of Madeline and her attempt to climb Celeste Mountain, it features deep narratives and challenging game mechanics that encourage players to persist in the face of adversity. Its soundtrack and meticulous level design were widely praised, making for an immersive and rewarding experience.

The recognition of Heavenly went beyond entertainment, winning significant awards at the 2018 The Game Awards, including Most Impactful Game It is Best Independent Game. These awards highlight not only technical and artistic excellence, but also their ability to touch players' hearts and provoke deep reflections on personal and universal issues.

How to Play Celeste64: Fragments of The Mountain?

Celeste64: Fragments of The Mountain invites players to relive the magic of the mountain alongside Madeline in a new 3D adventure that seems to have come straight out of the Nintendo 64 era. The use of a controller is recommended for more fluid gameplay, although the keyboard is also an viable option.

For those eager to explore this new chapter, Celeste64 is available for download on, with compatible versions for Windows and Linux. The project also opens its doors to the community of developers and fans, making its source code available on Github, which allows for even greater immersion in the title's universe and the possibility of contributions and modifications by the community.

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