GTA San Andreas: see location of graffiti, oysters, photos and horseshoes

In the iconic and acclaimed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a vast world full of secrets awaits players. Between exciting missions and free exploration through the streets of the region, there are collectibles scattered around that not only offer additional challenges, but also valuable rewards.

These items range from oysters hidden in the depths of the ocean to gang graffiti scattered throughout Los Santos. Collectibles are more than just secondary tasks, serving to deepen the immersion and unlock skills and items that enrich the game experience, being essential for those who aim to achieve the coveted 100% completion mark.

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With the game's arrival for free on Netflix, along with the other GTA Trilogy titles, many people are exploring Los Santos and the region again. To help players, new and nostalgic alike, Voxel brings a guide with the location of all GTA San Andreas collectibles! Check it out below!

Tags (Sprays or graffiti)

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Tags are gang graffiti spread throughout the Los Santos area. They are introduced to the player during the mission Tagging Up The Turf. Upon finding and covering all 100 graffiti scattered across the map, we participate in an activity that symbolizes the marking of the gang's territory Grove Street Familiesrivaling other gangs.

By covering all 100 Tags, we receive:

  • Guns at Johnson's House: Upon completion, we are rewarded with Molotovs, AK-47, sawed-off shotgun and Tec-9, available at the Johnson house.
  • Weapon upgrades for Grove Street NPCs: Grove Street NPCs start carrying Desert Eagles, MP5s, and knives instead of Pistols and Tec-9s.


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In San Andreas, oysters are generally located in or near bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Collecting them all requires the player to dive, which introduces an element of underwater exploration into the game.

By collecting all 50 oysters scattered throughout the game, we receive:

  • Monetary reward: payment of US$100 for each oyster found and US$100,000 for all.
  • Lung capacity 100%: Unlocks maximum lung capacity, allowing you to stay submerged for longer.
  • Relationship Benefits: Allows you to date a new woman regardless of her sexual appeal, the chance to get back together with one who has already ended the relationship, and the ability to revive any love interest that was killed, except Millie and Denise.


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Horseshoes are scattered throughout Las Venturas, and collecting them is easiest using a jetpack, as some are on rooftops. Each of them increases the character's luck by 20 points, although this does not influence gaming activities involving betting.

When collecting all 50 horseshoes, we receive:

  • Luck increase: CJ character's luck increases to 1,000.
  • Increased sex appeal: CJ's sex appeal also gets a boost.
  • Monetary reward: payment of US$100 for each horseshoe found and US$100,000 for all.
  • Weapons in front of The Four Dragons Casino: an SMG, demolition charges, a Combat Shotgun and an M4 now appear in front of the betting establishment.


Source: Map Genie

Snapshots are unique collectibles found exclusively in the San Fierro area. To collect them, you need to use a camera, which can be found in CJ's room. They are invisible icons that only appear between 0:00 and 5:00 without the need for a camera, or with the use of Night Vision Goggles outside of these times.

When taking a photo of all items we received:

  • Monetary reward per photo: payment of US$100 for each photo and US$100,000 for all.
  • Weapons in the Doherty Garage: After capturing all the images, weapons such as Micro Uzi, Grenades, pump-action shotgun and sniper rifle begin to appear at the location.

Acrobatic Jumps

Source: Map Genie

Acrobatic Jumps or Stunt Jumps are special jumping maneuvers that can be performed in specific locations spread throughout the map. San Andreas. There are 70 of them in total, and each one requires the player to use a vehicle to jump off a ramp or elevated location and land in a specific way.

They are challenging and test the user's ability to control speed and trajectory during the maneuver. Furthermore, successful achievement often offers a spectacular and exciting sight.

When performing all 70 radical jumps we receive:

  • Monetary reward: US$500 for each Stunt Jump completed and US$35,000 for completing them all.
  • Not essential for 100% completion: Unlike other collectibles, they are not required to achieve 100% completion of the game.

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