Computers are essential items in most households ; allow individuals and families to access the Internet from home and perform many other tasks using computer programs. There are advantages and disadvantages in the use of home computers, depending on how you use them.

Advantage: Accessible
As computer hardware became faster, easier and more profitable to develop, also home computers became more affordable for consumers. It is becoming easier to find in the average American household, as desktops and laptops are available in a wide price range. One of the greatest advantages of home computers is that they are affordable for the average family.

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Advantage: easy to use
The great advantage of home computers is that they allow individuals and families to achieve perform a variety of tasks at home. Families can use word processing programs to perform tasks school , spreadsheets to keep track of the house, and the Internet to access social networking and entertainment. Although students may use computers at school and adults at work, the convenience of using a computer at home is a great advantage for itself. Many companies allow their employees to work from home via computer, and thus save costs of travel to and from the office, and also reduce costs to the company.

Disadvantage: possible identity theft
With the use of Internet for shopping and banking, home computers have the possibility of a potential identity theft. If you share information online, such as your name, address, telephone number or bank information, there is always a chance that your data is at risk. This is an important point to consider when you plan to use your home computer to access the Internet.

Disadvantage: outdated technology
The technology industry changes and evolves constantly, and technology becomes outdated quickly. If you are looking for a system that keeps you updated and allow you to perform basic tasks, it does not present a problem. If you want a system with complex games, or you can perform several tasks at once, then it can be expensive to keep up with the latest advances in hardware, which makes a computer system a constant money drain.