Able to enjoy home theater with the latest technology and audio and video formats more a day: this is the purpose of the new AV receiver its highest-end model, the SR7011. Destined therefore the most skilled amateurs, those seeking the latest and highest quality possible both in video and audio formats used, and for those who have an installation of home theater high level the SR7011 will icing on the cake.


The tradition of the brand and its commitment to the best possible sound causes the receiver SR7011 , although as we shall see equipped with the latest technology that customers expect from such a device, take particular care everything related to audio. It is able to move up to nine speakers , for maximum configuration 5.2.4 (5 regular channels plus two active sub woofer dedicated bass and 4 channels in height) and that includes the amplifier channels required with a nominal power of 125W under load 8 Ohms but capable of delivering up to 235W each.

Beyond the raw power the amount of V adios always needed and welcome in theater applications stands out for the quality of the sound of their products and therefore the SR7011 includes its already famous amplifier modules HDAM using selected components instead of “chips” and the circuitry uses feedback current rather than voltage to minimize distortion end. Its digital part besides being able to decode any current sound format includes a system set-up, calibration.

When we refer to these devices as receptors and not amp it is because, besides having internal amplification can also act as sound source. Gone was the time that a radio receiver was limited FM / AM now also the connectivity to network wired or WiFi as the SR7011 accepts both can go much further we listen to any station in the world RADIO Internet.

It can receive the sound of our accounts music services online as Spotify or Tidal even send music from devices with iOS Air Play or through a connection Bluetooth (standard). In addition, accept any audio format, compressed files from MP3 to high quality sound format DSD to 5’6MHz sampling rate. New to the SR7011 is also compatible with the system HEOS original sound Denon (sister brand), which makes it compatible with multi-room systems.

With connectivity impressive just see photo of the back, without a gap available and full of connections) including 8 inputs HDMI and 3 outputs , with 6 analog inputs Traditional and 4 digital and capacity for up to 11 speakers (configurable to use up to 9 simultaneously ), the SR7011 will delight moviegoers most demanding home.