HORIZON Max and Aladdin, the new projectors that XGIMI has presented at CES 2024

XGIMI is rapidly becoming a very important brand in the projector market. The manufacturer has models in its catalog for almost any use we need and they do not stop launching new proposals. At CES 2024 they have presented two new technologies, such as ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) and Dual Light 2.0; as well as two new projectors: the HORIZON Max with IMAX Enhanced certification and the Aladdin, one of the most original projectors you will ever see. So much so that it has been selected for the CES 2024 Innovation Award.

During last year's IFA in Berlin, XGIMI presented the HORIZON Ultra, the first long-range home projector with 4K and Dolby Vision. Well then, Now comes the HORIZON Max, the world's first long-throw smart projector with IMAX Enhanced certification.. The IMAX Enhanced certification, previously exclusive to ultra-high-priced projectors, underscores XGIMI's commitment to providing premium entertainment at an affordable price.

According to Apollo Zhong, CEO and founder of XGIMI, «With the HORIZON Max we are reshaping home entertainment, offering a cinematic experience that was previously reserved for high-end projectors. With the HORIZON Ultra we bring Dolby Vision to long-throw 4K home projectors for the first time. Now, the HORIZON Max is IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision certified for even greater performance. “XGIMI remains steadfast in its commitment to improving projection technology, striving to bring the cinema experience to every home.”.

HORIZON Max: XGIMI's first IMAX Enhanced certified projector

The HORIZON Max not only sets a new benchmark for the industry thanks to IMAX Enhanced certification, it also incorporates the most refined versions of XGIMI's ISA and Dual Light technologies. On the one hand, it has the ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) technology, which uses hardware and software improvements to introduce a paradigm shift in smart projector engineering. Through its unique fully automated motorized gimbal, the HORIZON Max is able to automatically locate the best projection positioning on the wall and intelligently remember the configuration of specific walls, offering greater convenience when positioning the device. .

new HORIZON Max projector from XGIMI

As you can see in the image above, the HORIZON Max (like the rest of the manufacturer's projectors) is a projector with a slightly special form factor. It is not a projector that we should always have in a fixed location, since its compact size and shape is specially designed to be able to be moved and enjoyed anywhere in the house. So that, With ISA 5.0 technology we can switch between rooms and the projector will remember the settings of each wall (or screen) to adjust automatically.

This new feature gives users more control and flexibility over the projected image and content. The integration of ToF 3D in ISA 5.0 improves the HORIZON Max's ability to quickly detect the surrounding space, allowing users to find the optimal projection point effortlessly. This alleviates the usual hassles associated with traditional projectors, offering the smoothest and most user-friendly experience.

On the other hand, The HORIZON Max also incorporates updated Dual Light 2.0 technology, XGIMI's new and exclusive system with a dual light source. It integrates a triple laser for an extended color gamut and a phosphor light to highlight any imperfections produced by the triple laser. The patented optical engine is equipped with MCL lasers commonly used in commercial movie theaters. As a result of the upgrade to Dual Light 2.0, the HORIZON Max offers a wider color gamut, higher brightness (3,100 ISO lumens), a 2000:1 native contrast ratio and very high color accuracy.

The new system offers XGIMI's brightest display to date, with a 35% increase over the HORIZON Ultra. Additionally, XGIMI has announced that it intends to bring its updated Dual Light 2.0 and ISA 5.0 technologies to the rest of the range in 2024, including portable and home projectors.

Aladdin: a projector that is both a lamp and a speaker

new XGIMI Aladdin projector
XGIMI Aladdin

The HORIZON Ultra has not been the only device that XGIMI has presented at CES 2024. They will also bring the new one to the well-known Las Vegas fair XGIMI Aladdin, a revolutionary product that combines a smart ceiling lamp, a high-end projector and connected speakers. This projector-lamp is capable of offering a cinematic experience of up to 100 inches directly from the ceiling.

According to the manufacturer, the Aladdin solves the problems of traditional projectors, eliminating concerns such as volume, screen blocking and glare, providing an immersive viewing experience without compromising floor space. Its strategic positioning avoids direct exposure to light, prioritizing user safety, and allows an impressive 0.7:1 throw ratioeffortlessly transforming any space into a movie theater.

At the moment there is not much information about this curious model, but from XGIMI they assure that the modern design of the Aladdin offers Same hassle-free installation as a standard ceiling lightbut providing users with a feature-rich projector and a Harman Kardon 360-degree smart speaker. This eliminates the need for extensive ceiling installations and allows Aladdin to integrate effortlessly into existing home décor. Beyond typical projector use cases, Aladdin offers immersive dynamic wallpapers, life-sized interactive children's books, and relaxing bedtime ambient sounds, allowing you to use the projector at any time.

Lastly, comment that XGIMI has also used its presentation to announce a key strategic partnership with MediaTek. Thanks to it, the entire line of XGIMI premium products adopts MediaTek chips. Looking ahead to 2024, MediaTek, in collaboration with Google TV and XGIMI, will introduce a range of smart projection solutions. This strategic alliance aims to drive a more diverse and immersive home entertainment experience, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of smart projection technology and the companies at the forefront of projector innovation.

As for availability, we will still have to wait a long time to see these new models on sale. The launch of XGIMI HORIZON Max is planned for end of 2024while the original XGIMI Aladdin will launch in Japan in June 2024. At the moment we do not have dates for the arrival in Europe of either of the two devices. XGIMI.

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