Cell phones now come with more features than ever before. One of the most basic functions, however, remains one of the best. The ability to change the language in your cell phone can be a very useful tool. Whether you’re in a different country, you’re learning a new language or talk other than the default on your phone , change the language on your cell phone is a simple and useful trick to know.

change the language


1. Turn on your cell phone and press the menu button to start watching your options phone.

2. Scroll through the menu options on your phone to reach the configuration option. Every cell phone has a different base configuration, but all have areas of “setting” where the basic settings of the phone are. Once you’ve found the settings option, select it. The configuration option will open a list of the basic functions of cell phone. Some phones have larger groups are subdivided into smaller ones, and others have a lot of small individual settings.3. Find the option in settings where “system” appears, “show”, “display information on screen or language,” and securely. If your cell phone has any of these options, the result is the same, so do not be discouraged if you have a slightly different configuration to other phones.

4. If your cell phone has a list of languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat you want to place looking for and then select it, if it has a direct option to the language settings. If not, find the language option in the system, screen or display and information options, and then select the language that you provide that list.

5. Turn your phone off and on again, just to make sure that the change to the new language was effective and maintained. The language setting should have changed by now, and you should see all the features of your cell phone in this new language you chose.