Use a screen touch with a computer allows you to do some things that you could not with just a mouse and keyboard. You can interact with the computer in a more natural way. You can also make quick sketches or notes. When people convert an LCD touch screen it can be installed touch one of the many kits available.

How to Convert an LCD touch screen

These kits contain a coating transparent on screen to put it on the monitor, controller and universal serial bus (USB) or other cable that plugs into your computer. The coating is the same size as your monitor and installed on it in its case. It is a very simple upgrade that most people can perform.


1. Unplug the power cord of the monitor. Open the casing of computer monitor carefully removing the back screws that hold it together.

2. Clear the screen of the computer monitor and the lining of the conversion kit thoroughly with a rag to clean microfiber. Clean both surfaces, because it will be difficult to do after the upgrade is complete.

3. Directs the computer monitor so that the screen faces upward. Remove the front bezel of the monitor. Install the liner screen touch on the monitor. Be sure to orient the right side made ​​to play out (see the product for the conversion kit manual screen touch).

4. Install the driver coating screen within the monitor housing if space permits. It is a small electronic board that attaches to the lining. If there is no space in the casing, the guide wire screen the controller , along with existing monitor cables, through the back of the box.

5. Replace the front bezel of the monitor on the coating screen . Make sure the sides of the screen remain parallel to touch the screen of the computer. Turn the monitor carefully and insert the screws of the box in the back, which was dug before. Tighten the screws almost completely. They should not be tight as they were originally, because it could break the coating screen .

6. Set your monitor back to a straight position. Plug the video cable to the monitor to your computer and the outlet. No plugs cable driver lining up to consult the website of the manufacturer of LCD conversion kit for advice on how to program and install any driver for your model.

7. Plug the USB or other cable that came with the kit from the driver coating screen to your computer. The coating screen touch will be recognized and installed.

8. Calibra coating screen touch using the installed program. You need to play different parts of the screen so that the coating is in accordance to the monitor when aiming. The original computer monitor will still be used to display videos through the coating. Try the screen touch on your computer with different programs.

Tips and Warnings

Boxes computer monitors cathode ray tube (CTR) should not be used. It is dangerous and could hurt you open them.