Create your first HTML-based with some basic knowledge of HTML and access a hosting account website Android application. In order for the app to have a good look at the device, there is a line of code that you must add. This line ensures that the content fits perfectly to the width of the screen of the device. Without the code, the HTML page will appear with the standard width of 960 pixels, which will make the app look very small on the screen of Android.

Android application


1. Create a new document HTML opening a text or HTML editor, and go to “File” menu and click “New” option.2. Add the following lines of code to the top of the document HTML: <html> <head> name=”title” <meta content=”HTML-Based Android App”> <meta name = “viewport” content = “user-scalable = no, width = device-width “> </ head> <body>

3. Change the value “title” label “meta” for the title of your Android app. The second label “meta” allows the Android device should know that only scalar content of the HTML page to the width of the device.

4. List your content HTML, which can contain text, icons, images, videos or sound bites, under “<body>” label. When you’re done, close the section by inserting these lines of code: </ body> </ html>

5. Save your document and upload it to a server hosting web server. Visit the HTML page loaded by directly accessing it with the built-in Android device browser. You may need to make some changes before release it publicly on your site.