How to delete an Instagram message easily?

Instagram has a direct messaging feature between accounts. Also called Direct, it allows users to chat in a similar way to instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram. And just like other apps, you can also delete messages sent and received there.

With this feature you can, for example, delete text messages sent by mistake, or that you received and didn't want to leave in the conversation. Furthermore, it is also possible to delete the entire history, even removing photos and videos, and audio messages.

And to help you with this, below we teach you how to delete Instagram messages in different ways. Check out!

How to delete a specific message on Instagram?

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone, or access the app's official website;

2. Logged into your account, access the Direct Messages section. To do this, press the icon with a message bubble at the top of the screen on the right, as shown in the image below;

The icon to access the Direct Messages area is at the top of the screen, on the right sideThe icon to access the Direct Messages area is at the top of the screen, on the right sideSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

3. Then, click on the conversation in which you want to delete one or more specific messages;

4. Once there, press your finger on the message until the options appear as in the image below;

Press your finger on the message until the options appearPress your finger on the message until the options appearSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

5. Press the “Cancel Send” option;

Press "Cancel send" to delete the messagePress “Cancel sending” to delete the messageSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

6. If the chosen message was yours and sent recently, an alert will appear on the screen signaling that you can edit it instead of deleting it. If you are still sure about deleting, press “Cancel sending”;

You can edit the message instead of deleting itYou can edit the message instead of deleting itSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

7. That's it, now your message has been deleted from the conversation. Remembering that, if the recipient has already read it, it will only be deleted from your direct, that is, it will remain in the other person's until they do the same procedure.

How to delete an entire conversation on Instagram?

1. Follow the procedure above to access the Direct Messages area of ​​your Instagram account;

2. Once there, choose the conversation you want to delete and drag it with your finger to the left side;

3. Three options will appear on the screen, press “More”;

Press on "More" to access other optionsClick on “More” to access other optionsSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

4. Then press the “Delete” option

Press "Delete" to delete the entire conversationPress “Delete” to delete the entire conversationSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

5. If you are sure of the action, press “Delete” again;

Press "Delete" to delete the conversationPress “Delete” to delete the conversationSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

6. That's it, now the entire conversation has been deleted from your Direct.

Now that you know how to delete messages from Instagram, you can delete content that you no longer want in your inbox at any time.

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