GPS Devices Navigon interface uses a screen touch to navigate the device software and make selections. The sensitivity of the screen touch refers to the amount of pressure needed to make a selection when using the device. Perhaps the screen touch is too sensitive or not enough, and you want to change the configuration. Although GPS devices Navigon have a sensitivity setting, you can update the software, calibrate the screen and change the way you interact with the device for best results.

how to fix touch screen


1. Install the software Navigon Fresh on your computer, which can be downloaded from the website Navigon , and connect your GPS device Navigon to the computer. When connected to the computer and are using Navigon Fresh, software of your GPS device is updated to the latest version.

2. Calibrate the screen of your GPS device touch Navigon pressing “Options”, “Settings”, “Options” and “Calibration screen touch. ” Follow the instructions on screen , requiring you to touch a cross to calibrate the screen touch. Calibrate the screen touch can have an effect on the sensitivity of the screen .

3. Use your finger to touch the screen or use the supplied pointer, if the GPS device comes with one. These are screens resistive touch, including Navigon 710. The screens capacitive touch not working with nails.