The smartphone Motorola i1 uses an operating system Android and all Android phones include Android Market, an application that allows you to purchase and download additional applications for Motorola i1. The Android Market has hundreds of applications that you can use on your phone. Although many applications are available for download for free, others require you to pay for the application. You need a Google Checkout account to download paid apps.

How to get apps for the Motorola i1


1. Become a Google Checkout account to enter, enter the Google account you use for your phone and follow the instructions on the screen to set up the account.

2. Press the “Home” button (Start) button which is the image of a house in the Motorola i1 button.

3. Tap the “Applications” (Apps) icon on the screen. This icon is gray and has a white arrow above.4. To open the Android Market, tap the “Market” icon (Shop) which is a green and white bag.

5. Search applications by touching the categories and scroll through the applications until you find what you want down the line.

6. Touch the application you want to download. The application screen opens with information about each, including pricing. If the application is free, will appear a ‘Install’ (Installation) label on the screen. For paid apps, the button label is “buy” (Buy).

7. Tap “Install” (Install) for free applications, read the message about how the application interacts with your phone and click “OK”.

8. Tap “Buy” (Buy) for paid apps, read the message on how applications interact with your phone and click “OK”. Go to the Google Checkout screen appears.

9. Enter information Google Checkout and select “Purchase Now” (Buy Now) to download the application.

10. Press the “Home” button (Start) once the application is downloaded, tap “Applications” (Applications), icon scroll through the alphabetical list of your phone and tap the app to open it.