How to hide conversations on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp offers several features to protect your conversations. In addition to end-to-end encryption, you can also add an extra layer of protection to your chats by using the hide messages feature.

Many users may not know, but the application offers two ways to hide your conversations natively: using a password or using the biometrics system.

If you are interested in blocking some of your interactions, check out the step-by-step guide on what needs to be done to hide WhatsApp conversations.

How to hide WhatsApp conversations?

We will now show you the steps you must follow if you want to hide WhatsApp conversations. Check out:

  • After opening WhatsApp, select the conversation you want to hide. This applies to both individual and group chats;
  • Tap the person or group's name, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Hidden conversations. Then, you need to press Hide conversation with fingerprint;

After selecting the conversation or group, tap the hide option to begin the process of hiding WhatsApp messages.After selecting the conversation or group, tap the hide option to begin the process of hiding WhatsApp messages.Source: TecMundo/Reproduction

  • After the above step, enter your fingerprint and tap OK to confirm;

Confirm your fingerprint on this screen to access hidden conversations using your ID.Source: TecMundo/Reproduction

  • After completing this step to hide WhatsApp messages, the application will gain a new list titled Hidden conversations. Note that it will only display the content inside it after release via fingerprint;

All hidden conversations will be grouped in the same folder.Source: TecMundo/Reproduction

  • If you want to undo this option, just tap the person or group's name after opening the conversation, press Hidden conversations and touch the little ball in front of Hide conversation with fingerprint.

Now to do the Unlocking this folder with a password is very simple: Access the hidden conversations folder and tap the three dots icon. Select secret code and create a password for release.

If you already have a numeric password registered for your cell phone, you will be offered the option to use this combination when selecting the digital option.

If you want to use a password, just tap the indicated option.Source: TecMundo/Reproduction

What is the difference between archiving and hiding a conversation?

If the above question crossed your mind, we can say that The option to hide WhatsApp messages has more privacy. The first point is very simple: the archived chats folder can be accessed easily, and does not display any type of notification.

The hidden conversation, in turn, only appears after entering biometrics or password to view its content. Additionally, you still receive notifications if something new arrives, but the content of these messages is not visible in the application window.

Did you see how simple it is to hide WhatsApp messages? Share the content of TecMundo with your acquaintances, and take the opportunity to read about how to send a temporary photo in the messaging app. Until later!

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