How to increase the security of your cell phone during Carnival?

Carnival 2024 is about to start! Blocos — or bloquinhos —, electric trios, samba school parades, shows and many other attractions promise to excite revelers throughout Brazil.

But who will Enjoying the party on the street needs to take care of your cell phone, as the device stores a lot of confidential information. From financial data to contacts, passwords, social networks and images, the phone has become a full target for criminals.

As the device is essential for keeping in touch, booking transport and searching for places, leaving it at home is not always an option. To avoid headaches and losses, TecMundo provides tips for protecting your cell phone during Carnival.

Safe cell phone during Carnival: 5 tips to avoid problems during the festivities

Nobody wants to leave the house to enjoy Carnival and have an inconvenience that could have been avoided – especially with cell phones. Even if you choose to take a cheaper device with you during the festivities, you need to be careful not to be robbed and have your data hacked and/or end up falling for scams.

So, keep in mind some Tips to ensure your safety at the national festival are essential. Check out 5 of them below:

1. Strengthen your passwords

Before leaving home, register a strong password to access your cell phone, which will be requested when trying to unlock the screen. It is also worth registering the fingerprint and/or facial lock, if the device is compatible.

2. Backup and Disable Nearby Services

Back up the files, change the password recovery email to one that is not saved on the device and disable contactless payment are other important tips. Also, write down the cell phone's IMEI on a piece of paper.

Using your cell phone in a crowd requires care.Source: Pixabay

3. Activate smartphone location

Something that should also be done is to activate the cell phone location, which allows you to track your smartphone. In addition to the iOS and Android options, you can use Google tracking on both systems.

If possible, share your real-time location with someone you trust who will be at home and can help you if necessary.

4. Keep your cell phone charged

Before leaving home, make sure your smartphone's battery is charged. After all, you will need the device to order a car from the app, open the map, choose a good restaurant and, of course, if you happen to get lost in the crowd.

5. Only use your cell phone in safe places

The last tip, but not least, is: don't use your smartphone in open places where the party is taking place. If you need to touch the device, go to a calmer and safer place, such as a supermarket, shopping malls, bakeries or establishments around your location.

Other useful tips are:

  • Keep your cell phone in your front pocket, fanny pack or money bag;
  • Do not lose sight of the device, avoiding leaving it under tables, chairs and on the floor;
  • Avoid leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight or in humid areas.

Be careful with your money: reinforce protection in banking apps

You probably have at least one banking app installed on your phone, right? Then, set reduced limits for transactions with the device, such as credit and debit card operations, bill payments and transfers via Pix.

It is also interesting to leave a low amount in the account and, If possible, temporarily delete banking apps or hide them – if the device allows it. It is also worth enabling two-factor authentication on all apps and being careful not to fall for scams when paying with a card – it can be exchanged or cloned, for example.

Theft and cell phone theft are among the concerns of revelers.Theft and cell phone theft are among the concerns of revelers.Source: Freepik

The same adjustments and reinforced protection can be made to social media apps and online shopping platforms, among other categories. Also don't forget to protect your smartphone's image gallery.

If you have a more basic or older cell phone, there is the option of using it during the festivities, leaving the main thing at home. Install only the messaging and transport apps on the “thief's cell phone”, taking the precautions mentioned above.

What to do if your cell phone is stolen?

What if, despite all the care you take with your cell phone, the device is stolen, stolen or lost? In these cases, It is necessary to file a police report and communicate the situation to the banksimmediately requesting the blocking of accounts and cards.

The owner also needs to ask the operator to deactivate the SIM card and can use the IMEI to lock the phone. Additionally, there are options to try to track the device, block it and wipe the data remotely.

Checking statements and invoices is another important tip, disputing unrecognized purchases, transfers and loans directly with your bank or contacting Procon, if necessary.

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