Art and design computer are much easier with a computer monitor on screen touch. But unless you have a laptop PC, the monitor of your computer is not as much a screen touch. You can change this with a panel that may apply to your computer monitor to turn it into a screen touch.

How to Make a Touch Screen System


1. Turn on your monitor and place the panel on the screen , making sure the sides and corners thereof are aligned with the sides and corners of the screen . Select a converter panel display touch that fits the dimensions of your monitor. Check your user guide to know exactly the size of your monitor.

2. Clamped to the side panel of the monitor using the clip on the side panel. Confirm that the clamp is secure.

3. Connect the USB cable from the side of the panel to a USB port available on your computer.

4. Write on the panel with stylus pen included. The panel will operate as a screen touch for your monitor.