It is possible to root the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and easy! We tell you how to do it in minutes. Once you get used to the freedoms that root the phone , it is difficult to return. And it lets you delete unwanted apps, make better backups, record calls and customize the launcher to your liking, among other things. This process is different for each mobile world, but luckily for the S6 is a very easy way to do it in a few minutes without using your computer.

We speak of PingPong Root , a method also avoids raising the Knox counter , allowing, in theory, keep your warranty. The process is as easy as download an APK and install , which also installs the SuperSU, the application to grant super user permissions to other apps.

galaxy s6

How do I install ?: Step by Step

First, you must make sure that your version is supported. In the official post on Xda Developers whole list of models, both S6 and S6 Edge, which works shown (which I recommend reading all the info you have). To find your model, you can see it in “Settings -> About phone -> Number of complication.”

1- Download the APK PingPong Root from the official post I linked above (the links are at the end of post). Install it and open it.

2- It will also install the SuperSU. When finished, you should open it and run it to activate it. It displays an error message and take you back to the app PingPong Root.

3- You must press the “Download Data” button and, when finished, give the button “Get Root”.

4- If all goes well, a message appears informing that the mobile rooter correctly.

5- You must restart the phone to complete the process. It is most recommended.

Once finished, you can check the rooter is correct with the app “Root Checker” (It’s in Google play and free).

Some clarifications

Using this method prevents the phone can update OTA . Furthermore, there is no assurance that future work Samsung Pay phones in modified this way.