The HTC One M9 is one of the most anticipated phones of the year, and the recent leaks of photos, can also be one of the prettiest. We talked about their news and all information of this mobile to be presented at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015 .

Design and Display

There have been several pictures for a while about what the HTC One M9, some rather dubious because it is not very reliable sources. However one of the new leaks isEvleaks, a twitter has already successful things in the past, and show a very stylish phone that improves the design that HTC has done.

htc one m9

What we are? Very tiny first frames on both sides, are clipped to slightly above and below. They also note that the speakers, major players in the current model will be cut and reduced to a small grids. Hopefully this does not affect the quality.

We also found glass in almost the entire front. This contrasts with previous models where plentiful metal, giving them some air “Vintage”. To me it made me like TVs 80, although it is a personal opinion. Another detail is the ultrapixel camera goes back and forth, which seems a wise and safe going to take some fantastic photos.

But as you have seen no other phone in the picture, it would be the HTC One M9 Plus, with 5.5-inch screen. Remember the original M9 would be 5 inches, as the previous model. The main difference would be that below fingerprint sensor, unlike the mobile Samsung not serve as seen button. Another advantage of the model plus: will display 2K, unlike the standard M9 One 1080p. Personally, I think the Full HD is much better, since the difference is hardly noticeable and mobile will be much faster.


We leave here the specifications that we hope will be the HTC One M9, compared with the current M8. Stresses the improvement in potency over 810 Snapdragon processor, which is 64 bits and has 8 cores (although only work in groups of four). The other big difference is the camera, which leaves the ultrapixel on the back to move to a more conventional camera 20 MP, hopefully good quality.

For sound, even if the speakers would be smaller, would be compensated with better quality components. This is because the sound BOSE famous company is responsible. Even expected to have a sound system that a 5.1 experience, as if the sound envelop you.

It also says that the M9 will come with a wereable a smart watch developed with “Under Armor”, a company specializing in sporting goods brand. What do you think of this HTC One M9? Do you see very similar to the iPhone 6? We love to read your opinion !. Please likely to be present in the MWC in early March, an event which will assist and we’ll bring you the latest news.