I have started using cable to connect to the Internet and these have been the changes

In general terms, use internet cable It will provide greater stability to the connection. It will depend on different factors, such as the type of cable, whether you connect very far from the router or nearby, as well as the capacity of each device. However, it is usually a good solution to connect to the network with good speed and quality.

Improvements when using network cable

The main reason for connecting a computer via cable instead of Wi-Fi is to improve the quality of the network. The speed may not be good, there may be limitations due to being further away from the router or annoying continuous cuts may appear. All this could limit navigation.

Higher speed

Without a doubt, the speed It is a key factor in choosing network cable over Wi-Fi. Although wireless connections have improved a lot with the latest technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6, the truth is that there are still limitations as soon as you move a little further away from the router. You may lose speed and you will not make the most of the contracted fiber optics.

Therefore, choosing to connect the computer via Ethernet cable will provide that extra speed. Unless there is a problem with the cable, for example, if it is Fast Ethernet, you will always achieve a higher speed and you will notice it when downloading or using the cloud to host content.

Lower latency

You will also notice that the latency or ping is inferior. You can see it if you do a speed test. And this is important for things like playing online, making a video call, etc. Wireless networks, in general, will have a higher ping and, therefore, you will have certain limitations.

The weaker the Wi-Fi signal is, the more latency you will have. Therefore, if you notice that the coverage is not optimal, it is even more important that you switch to network cable, especially to have a lower ping.

Lower the ping on the computer when using an Ethernet cable

Less cuts

Although it is not common, the truth is that from time to time there may be small cuts when using Wi-Fi. It may be due to limitations of the laptop's Wi-Fi card, because the network is very saturated or simply because it is too far from the access point. It is a common problem that affects many users.

When using cable, this disappears. There are much fewer outages, if not non-existent, and the connection is more stable. The distance does not matter so much, nor the number of devices that may be connected to the network at that moment. Especially, you will notice this when watching streaming videos or making a video call, situations in which having a stable connection is essential.

As you can see, using a network cable to connect the computer can be a good idea. If you have problems with Wi-Fi, if you notice that the signal does not reach well, you will undoubtedly notice a significant improvement. Of course, it is important to choose the type of network cable well. There are different categories and not all offer the same speed and quality.

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