I have tested the Wi-Fi of two PCs in the same room and the difference has been enormous for this reason

Have a good WiFi connection, it is something that we always look for and do not always achieve. You may do a speed test at home and notice that the speed is not good. That will make you doubt whether it is a problem with your connection, the router or the device you use. In this article, we are going to tell you about a specific case in which we have done a speed test at home, with two computers in the same room. The results have been quite different and we are going to tell you why.

The first thing you should know is that not all computers are the same. That is, not all of them will have the same capacity so that you can connect to the network. You can have speed problems, coverage or stability in one, but perhaps in another everything will go perfectly. There are key factors and one of them is whether or not it is Wi-Fi 6.

Differences when testing Wi-Fi speed

We have done this test in two laptops They are in the same room, right next to the router. The norm, taking into account that they are just 20 centimeters from the router, is that they receive the maximum possible speed. However, there are differences and that is something that can demonstrate the importance of having receivers that support maximum speed.

The router is a Movistar Smart WiFi 6. A new device, which offers the latest version of Wi-Fi 6. However, one of the laptops is compatible with this standard, while the other, which is a few years older, works with Wi-Fi 5. There is the key to the difference that has been made when doing this speed test.

It should also be mentioned that both have a integrated Wi-Fi card, so it is not about one having a more powerful external one. They have similar features, only one is Wi-Fi 6 and the other is not. In both cases we were connected to the 5 GHz frequency, which is the one that offers the highest speed.

First of all, we are going to show the speed that we have obtained when doing the test with the laptop with Wi-Fi 6. As you see in the image below, in this first test we have obtained 530 Mbps download and 623 Mbps upload. By the way, the contracted connection is 500 Mbps, although something more always arrives and is usually around 600 symmetrical Mbps.

Speed ​​test with Wi-Fi 6

We have carried out the second test on a laptop that has Wi-Fi 5. As you can see in the image, in this case it has been difficult to go from 300 Mbps download, with 307 Mbps exactly, while the upload has been even lower, with 209 Mbps.

Speed ​​test with Wi-Fi 5

We leave you some examples of cards with Wi-Fi 6 that you can buy:

As you can see, the difference has been more than important between a laptop that has Wi-Fi 6 and another that only has Wi-Fi 5. The latency, however, has been very similar. Therefore, our advice is that you purchase a Wi-Fi network card that is compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and thus be able to achieve maximum speed, in addition to having more coverage.

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