If you protect your mobile like this, you are making a serious mistake

For protect your mobile device, you will be able to use different options. You can enter a PIN code, use fingerprint, facial recognition or a pattern lock. However, this last option is not the best. At least, that's what many cybersecurity experts say. We are going to explain the reasons and what you should take into account to maintain security at all times and that they cannot enter your phone.

Basically, the lock pattern It is a movement you make with your finger on the screen. A “password” in which you draw something on the screen to unlock the device. This is not something new, far from it, since it is something widely used for many years.

Pattern lock is not advisable

Although it is something simple and comfortable, since all you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen, it can be a security problem. Because it is? The first thing is that most people use patterns that are easy to memorize. In fact, it is quite common for them to simply put an “L” on the screen and that's it. They can also connect numbers that are familiar to them, forming a letter such as a “V”, “Z” or similar.

The point is that this can be too obvious for someone who gets your cell phone. Surely they are going to try just those combinations that we have mentioned. It is similar to passwords of the type “123456”, which are still used so much. If you try putting an “L”, “V” and “Z” shaped pattern, for example, you could be successful in many cases.

But there is another point to highlight, and that is that according to cybersecurity experts it is more common start on the left and top of the screen. That is, we start the pattern from the top left, more or less, and we go down until we end in the area at the bottom right. Something else they are going to try.

How many times do you unlock your phone each day? One more reason is that you can leave fingerprint on the screen. And yes, that is going to be super visible to anyone. Especially if you use a pattern that is simple, with just two or three lines. It is, to the extreme, like having the password written on the back of your phone.

Mobile phones with the greatest privacy

Protect your device well

So what should you do to protect your device? If you think about the possible combinations of a lock pattern, they don't reach 400,000. Yes, there are quite a few, but much less than using a 6 digit PIN, which would be a million. Additionally, if you use a 6-character password that has letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and other symbols, the odds increase exponentially.

Therefore, what you should do to protect your mobile phone is to use some protection that has many possible combinations. If you use a 6-digit PIN, make sure it's not too obvious to figure out. For example, do not use your date of birth or the typical password “123456” and the like. Acting quickly if your mobile is hacked is essential to avoid problems. You should change your password whenever this occurs.

However, in the case of mobile, you will be able to use your fingerprint or facial recognition. It is a fairly reliable method, at least today, to secure your device. Much better than using a pattern lock which, as we have explained, can be dangerous and anyone could break in.

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