ImageFX: Google launches AI image generator open to the public

This Thursday (1), Google launched ImageFX, an image generator with artificial intelligence (AI). The tool is powered by the Imagen 2 model, the company's most advanced text-to-image diffusion technology.

Available on the Labs.Google platform, ImageFX allows you to create images from text descriptions, just like MidJourney. According to Google, the objective of the tool is to help explore ideas and creations, but almost instantly.

Facilitating the creative process, ImageFX also includes an interface with “expressive chips”. The solution suggests characteristics for the image.

ImageFX is open to the public, but it is not available in Brazil. Here, the tool can only be accessed in a single demonstration.

MusicFX improvements

In the same announcement, Google also mentioned improvements implemented in MusicFX. The tool can now create tracks of up to 70 seconds following text prompts.

MusicFX lets you create tracks up to 70 seconds long from text descriptions.MusicFX lets you create tracks up to 70 seconds long from text descriptions.Source: Google/Disclosure

Just like the image generator, the AI ​​also comes with “expressive chips” with suggestions to enhance creations.

According to Google, MusicFX has already been used to create more than 10 million tracks. In this new version, the tool is capable of generating better quality tracks more quickly.

It is worth mentioning that all images and music in ImageFX and MusicFX are marked by SynthID, a “digital watermark” developed by DeepMind. Creation ensures that AI creations can be identified easily, but are imperceptible to human sight and hearing.

TextFX update

Another tool that received updates was TextFX, an AI writing assistant. The tool helps you perfect text creations in the most different styles.

If you are curious, you can access and learn more about the tools on the official Labs.Google website. However, there is no forecast for the debut of the tools in Brazil.

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