In Ruins: understand the end of the top 1 film on Netflix

The Korean film Netflix, In ruinsends with an intense battle between Nam-sa and Dr. Yang Gi-su, whose twisted experiences threaten the already fragile human existence in a post-apocalyptic world.

The film, which takes place after a devastating earthquake, explores the fight for survival in a scenario in which civilization has collapsed and resources are scarce.

Did you watch the Netflix film and want more details about the ending? So keep reading to understand everything about the outcome of In ruins!

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From obsession to ruin

Dr. Yang, driven by grief and an obsession with reviving his daughter, conducts cruel experiments, mixing human DNA with that of reptiles, in the hope of creating beings capable of living without basic necessities such as water and food.

To do so, he creates a cult, luring people in with the promise of sustenance, only to turn them into guinea pigs for his scientific abominations. The revelation of these horrors culminates in a revolt led by Nam-sa, who, together with his companions, manages to defeat the doctor and free the prisoners.

The contrast between the paths chosen by Nam-sa and Yang is one of the central points of the film. While one becomes lost in his selfish quest to defeat death, causing pain and suffering to many, the other finds strength in community and caring for one another.

This theme is reinforced by Nam-sa's decision to end Dr. Yang's experiments, highlighting the importance of overcoming individualism in favor of the collective good.

Additionally, the fate of Dr. Yang's daughter is 'tragic'. At the climax of the film, he accidentally shoots the container that held her remainsdestroying any possibility of bringing her back to life.

In addition to the struggle, the film also addresses the human ability to adapt. Despite the bleak environment, the characters find ways to continue, whether through hunting, trading or forming new communities.

Will there be a sequel to Ruins?

Source: Netflix

Yet there are no direct indications of a sequence or post-credits scenes in the production, indicating that a direct sequel may not be in the plans at this time. However, just as In ruins is an independent sequence of Survivors – After the Earthquake 2023, a third could feature a completely new story with minimal connections to the first two.

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