Technologies of Information and Communication is a set of services, networks, software and gadgets that aim to improve the quality of life of people in an environment, which are integrated into a system of interconnected and complementary information.

This innovation will help break down barriers between each. The ICT imagine how the universe two sets represented by traditional communication technologies, consisting mainly of the radio, the television and the telephone conventional and Information Technology, characterized by scanning technology records of contents. ICTs are tools conceptual theoretical, media and channels that process, store, synthesize, retrieve and present information in the most varied form.

The media have evolved over time, now in this age can talk about the computer and the Internet. The use of ICT represents a significant change in society and ultimately a change in education, in relationships and how to disseminate and generate knowledge. In this modern age of technology where everyone is using smartphones and computers, I’d like to inform you that now you can download and install Microsoft Office 2007 for free from here and you don’t have to pay anymore. Microsoft Office has tons of features and almost every 2nd person use it. Avail this opportunity and make your self integrated in this modern era of technology.

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What ICTs are and what your beginnings?

The information and communications technology (the union of computers and communications ) unleashed an unprecedented explosion of ways to communicate the beginning of the 90s From there, the Internet went from being an expert instrument of community Scientific to be a network of user amending guidelines interaction social.
Information technology and communication is understood as a term for regarding the computer connected to the Internet, and especially the social aspect of these. The new technologies of information and communication elect both a set of technological innovations but also the tools for a radical redefinition of the functioning of society. If you would like to know brief information about different types of Apps, you could choose App Store optimisation

Information technology and computer and communication are those tools that process, store, abstract, retrieve and present information represented in the most varied form. It is a set of tools, supports and channels for the treatment and access to information. They are new media and channels for shaping, record, store and disseminate informational content. Examples of such technologies are the whiteboard (computer staff + projector multimedia ), the blogs, podcast and of course the web.

For all types of educational applications, ICT are means, not ends. That is, are tools and materials of construction to facilitate learning, the development of skills and different ways of learning, styles and rhythms of apprentices.