A few weeks ago, Google was testing a new feature on some Android devices, this option is used to share internet from your Nexus devices to any Android Smartphone. Google has already made official is to character and eventually will be enabled on your Nexus device or Pixel through an update of Google Play Services.

Instant Tethering

Instant Tethering so called the new option that will allow you to share internet from your Nexus to other Android devices seems a rather complicated option and possibly especially now you will not see a feasible use. But the possibility it offers is characteristic is something that we were waiting for a long time and that possibly you too. The option lets you connect ‘intelligently’ your other devices that include Android operating system.

This option can always be connected, and when one of your devices does not have good coverage or does not have internet access, the option will be activated and can be connected automatically through the data of your main device. That yes, only allow you to share the mobile data connection (3G or 4G), the WI-FI connection does not.

How does Instant Tethering work?

You should know that for the moment this option is only available for Nexus and Pixel devices, which includes Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P Google tablets: Pixel 9 and Pixel C and Google Pixel and Pixel XL. We will need to update the Google Pay Services app or have at least version 10.2.91 this version already includes Instant Tethering, but in beta. Once the update is complete we will have the option available on our device.

To activate it we must go into Settings and go to the option to share internet or Wireless Zone and activate it. Next, we will enable the option to allow data connection with our Google account and we will have to anchor all the devices that we want so that they can have internet connection if yours is not available. It is very important to have our Google account on other devices this will be the only way to anchor. If we have our own on that device we can always add it via Settings, Accounts and to Nadir Google account. In addition, we will have to have our device the one that has no connection near our main Smartphone the one that shares the mobile data.