iOS 17.3 is released for iPhone; check out the news

This Monday (22), the Apple has released the stable version of iOS 17.3. The software was in beta for testing a few weeks ago and is now available to all owners of compatible iPhone devices.

In addition to the traditional bug fixes, one of the highlights of the update is the Stolen Device Protection or “Stolen Device Protection” feature. The function protects passwords and sensitive user data in cases of cell phone loss, theft or theft.

If the person activates the system, a person who has access to the device will not be able to use passwords or access keys in iCloud, turn off lost device mode, delete files or use registered payment methods.

iOS iOS 17 has been in beta for a few weeks and now has a stable version (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

With Stolen Device Protection turned on, all these functions can only be accessed through Face ID or Touch ID biometric authentication.

Apple developed the new security mode because of the explosion of crimes with a specific modus operandi in the United States. Thieves have observed potential victims entering passwords on their cell phones and then take the opportunity to steal the devices.

Knowing the iPhone's password, criminals end up being able to reset the device or gain access to various files and personal data.

Other new features of iOS 17.3

Another new feature that arrives with iOS 17.3 is the possibility of creating collaborative playlists on Apple Music.

Subscribers to the service can create playlists with family and friends, and invited people will be able to select and edit tracks. In the same wave, users will be able to react to songs with emojis.

iOS 17.3iOS 17.3 even arrives for the iPhone XR, which was launched in 2018 (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

Another tool launched along with the new software is the ability to use Airplay in hotels. Correcting an old problem, from now on it will be possible to pair the iPhone with televisions to broadcast their content.

Both AirPlay for hotels and Apple Music collaborative playlists were being tested in iOS 17.2, but have been delayed until 2024.

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