iOS 18 could be one of the biggest updates in iPhone history; see details

Apple has high expectations for iOS 18, an update to the company's mobile operating system that should come out in 2024. The information comes from journalist Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, who usually has hot news about Apple.

According to Gurman, the idea is that the platform will be “one of the biggest iOS updates — or even the biggest — in the company's history”.

Overall, the company should take advantage of the new version to implement different features in sectors such as artificial intelligence (AI) and messaging at once. The information has not been officially confirmed by the brand, but some signs reinforce that this is indeed the manufacturer's intention.

What to expect from iOS 18?

Developed under the internal codename Crystal, iOS 18 should highlight a series of AI-based functions built into Siri.

According to the journalist, the personal assistant will receive new features from generative AIs, with a language model developed by Apple itself. The features should improve interaction with Siri, in addition to mechanisms such as searches and sentence autocompletion.

The current version of iOS was released in September 2023.The current version of iOS was released in September 2023.Source: Apple

Applications such as Apple Music, Xcode, Shortcuts and content editors should also receive extras with generative AI. Another expected feature is the adoption of the Rich Communication Services (RCS) format natively on the iPhone — ending a long fight with Google and other Android device manufacturers.

This type of message is more complete than the SMS standard and includes more complex content and an advanced security protocol.

The current version of the iPhone's mobile operating system is iOS 17.3, which includes new security mechanisms against stolen devices. The update should be announced in June by Apple during the conference WWDC 2024which has not yet had a specific date confirmed by the company.

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